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mobile phone unlocking information
phone unlocking faq

mobile phone unlocking faq

What is mobile phone unlocking?

Mobile phone unlocking is the process of taking a phone which has been "locked" to a specific mobile phone network, and removing the bar on it so that it can be used with any network.

For more information, see the what is unlocking page.

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What is a sim card?

A sim card is a small plastic card with a chip on one side which is inserted into a mobile phone (usually behind the battery) and contains network and phone number details. It is also possible to store data such as phonebooks and SMS (text) messages on the sim card.

All of the essential information about a user's mobile account is held on the sim card, therefore you can use your sim card in another person's phone to make and recieve calls and messages and it will be billed to you as normal.

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How do I know if my phone is already unlocked?

The easiest way to find out if your phone is locked or not is to borrow a sim card from a friend who is on a different network. If it works in your phone then your phone is not locked. If it does not, then the chances are it is locked and will need unlocking before you can use it on a different network.

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Is it legal to unlock my phone?

You, not your network own your mobile phone, and so you can do whatever you like with it. The networks lock phones as a deterrent from switching to another network, but the reality of it is that normally on starting a new contract with a new network you would get a new phone anyway, so quite why they do it is a bit of a mystery.

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Will unlocking my phone affect my contract with my current network?

In a word, no. All you are doing is adding functionality to your phone. Your network will not know you have done it, and in all likelihood they would not care if they did know.

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Can my model of phone be unlocked?

Any GSM mobile phone can be unlocked. However, the unlocking method differs between phone models.

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When I unlock my phone, how can I tell if it worked?

Usually, if you unlock your phone by entering an unlock code you will get a message on the screen of the phone telling you that you have just unlocked the phone. However, you can always check by inserting a sim card from a different network and seeing if it works.

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Do I have to unlock my phone every time I want to use a sim card frm a different network?

No. Once you have unlocked your phone it stays unlocked.

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